SKN H2O "Rethink what you Drink"

SKN H2O “Rethink what you Drink” is a brand started by dynamic Husband/Wife duo, Ashley Sandhu & Harparam Sandhu. With their backgrounds in skincare, nutrition, and medicine, together they wanted to use their expertise to create something that really works. Hydration being the most important factor, they launched their first product, "SKN H2O" a Resveratrol enhanced sparkling water. The idea for SKN H2O was born from a desire to enhance and perfect, what was already available on the market. As well as to emphasize to consumers the notion, that hydration is crucial for good health & overall well-being. The main goals at SKN H2O, are to combine scientific knowledge in conjunction with centuries old herbs like Resveratrol, which is found in wine & gives wine all its health benefits, to create best of both worlds for the health and wellness of the consumer.

SKN H2O premium sparkling water is the first product in a line that will revitalize hydration as we’ve known it to date! We call it: Hydration Evolved !!

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SKN H2O “Rethink What you Drink”
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