Minkys has been in the Lash Business since 2006, one of the first in the industry. A leader in the lash industry providing products and training in the US and around the world. Minkys disrupted the market with our next-gen lashes and innovative patented lash tile system. The strategically designed tile is a game-changer increasing efficiency and speed in the eyelash extension process. Our lashes are designed to mimic the natural eyelash on high volume! They are light, soft, flexible, and infinitely wearable. Minkys strives to ensure the long-term health and safety of the eyelash extension industry by providing superior products and training. Supplying lash artists with top of the line lashes, adhesives, and application tools is our focus. Minkys exceptional line of aftercare products are safe for use by both lashers and lash wearers. Family owned and operated Minkys mission is to empower lash artists with innovative products and knowledge.

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Minkys Eyelash Gro (Aftercare)
EyesCream Protectant

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EYELash GRO is a proprietary blend that helps you achieve longer, fuller, more beautiful lashes in just 6-8 weeks.

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Lashampoo foaming cleanser is safe to use daily to keep Lash Extensions clean and healthy. 

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EyesCream Protectant helps guard against irritation during lash extension services and is an excellent eye cream that if used properly does not affect lash retention. 

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