The name HADAKA comes from the Japanese language, meaning "NAKED, NUDE or BARE", which is a representation of the philosophy of our brand. We are inspired by our passion for Japan’s simplicity and the appreciation of beauty. HADAKA began with a mission to achieve great skin, with the foundation of the brand being to REVEAL YOUR NAKED BEAUTY. Despite the Japanese name, HADAKA is proudly Canadian.

The colour palette of our products and packaging reflects the diverse range of neutrals and nudes that represent skin tones and undertones of all ethnicities in our beloved and inclusive country.
Every ingredient is carefully hand picked and imported from all over the world respecting its own origins, to work in conjunction to create products that are luxurious yet affordable.

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Hadaka Self Care Kit
Halo Hair Oil 10ml, Wonder Luxe Body Oil 10ml, Purity Marula 5ml, Butterful Unscented 2 oz, Wandlove Rose Quartz, Shopping Bag

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