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Appearus Products Corp. have served the beauty and spa industries as a wholesale distributor, manufacturer for products and accessories over 20 years. Our highest priority is providing the highest quality array of products that are competitively priced and will elevate your spa or salon.

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Disposable Spa Bathrobe

This disposable spa bathrobe is made of 100% Viscose with a dotted pattern. Give your clients a relaxing experience by providing them with our luxury disposable spa bathrobes that are functional and comfortable.

Disposable Spa Wrap

Give your clients the comfort of modesty. This disposable spa wrap features a securing elastic top with a velcro fastener. The soft, hygienic fabric contains no artificial colors, dyes or chemicals. Perfect for all treatments – massage, mud wraps, waxing, and more.

Disposable Fitted Table Bed Sheets

These disposable fitted sheets are durable and effective in protecting the treatment table during spa services. They are made of soft non-woven polypropylene that is gentle to the skin. Being disposable eliminates the time and expense of laundering, and offers a clean cover each time.