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AMA Meditime is a global distributor of advanced medical and aesthetic solutions in the competitive health & skincare market. We specialize in high-end laser, ultrasound, RF, IPL systems, and other newest equipment for skin care & medical treatments that incorporate up-to-date trends and technology.

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HISTOLAB offers Korean clinical skincare products which all contain plant stem cell extracts. Use code "fivepercent" for 5% off purchases $550-$1,099.99 and code "tenpercent" for 10% off all purchases over $1,100.00.

Bellanova helps to prevent aging skin, while also providing wrinkle relief, hydration to the skin and a tightening effect. Show special: 10% off with code BELLANOVA10

Our Cryozet delivers cool/hot energy to the skin for whitening, lifting, wrinkles, and pigmentation after inflammation. Show special: 10% off with code CRYOZETPLUS10