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Imported from Israel we carry a wide range of skin and body care products from Anti Age, CAVIAR line, multi Vitamin, Whitening & Pigmentation, ACNE-Oily skin, Rosacea and Saborrhea.  We also carry ampoules (works with micro needling pen) plus various Peel off Masks. All products come in retail sizes and professional sizes for treatment use.

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Special offer bundle: Meso pen, case, 10 tips, ampoule kit (of your choice) includes shipping for $420 plus $15 shipping. Total: $435.

Become a point of sale for LIP VOLTAGE-PLUMPER: No Needles • Not tested on animals • Great results • 6 Adjustable Settings. LIP VOLTAGE-PLUMPER that WORKS!

Skin Softner-Pro Line: A unique gel providing intense hydration to the skin, extending pores and loosens up the clogged comedo inside, helping the deep cleaning.