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Hello and welcome to Relax & Wax! We are celebrating our 18th year in the waxing world! Founded by Deborah Merhar, Relax & Wax started with just one product, No Scream Cream. The original numbing product made specifically for waxing. We now offer a complete line of award-winning pre and post products as well as our award winning wax line. All Relax & Wax labeled products are developed by Deborah and are original formulas. Innovative ingredients, excellent customer service and products that work are her signature.

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Relax & Wax - How to apply hard and soft wax

Featured Products

Relax & Wax Hard Wax 
Contains only 3 natural ingredients: colophonium rosin, vegetable oil, and microcrystalline. The only other ingredient in our hard wax is a touch of an essential oil.

Hair did It Go? Hair inhibiting Enzyme 
For all skin and hair types to help remove unwanted hair growth. This enzyme contains papain, which has the ability to gently dissolve keratin.

The PEACH Treat-ment 
3-step system for the Perfect Vajacial Ingrown Hair Treatment: Peachy Clean, My Name is Mud and RenewU.