Medusa's Heirlooms


Founded in 1972 by Kathryn Hausman, Medusa’s Heirlooms is a NYC based wholesaler that specializes in Hair Accessories, namely our French Plastic Collection, and Swarovski Crystal Jewelry. Thousands of whimsical pieces consume the entire Medusa Collection. Our Showroom is a treasure chest full of beautiful ornaments for all strands of hair. The brand is exclusive and made with the highest quality products.

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Featured Products

Large French Yoga Clip

It comes in a variety of prints and holds all types of hair.

Fine Hair French Jaw

It comes in a variety of prints. A thinner jaw, it holds fine hair especially well, but really works all hair types.

Handmade French Dragonfly Barrette 

This barrette is a delightful piece that can be worn on the side or back of head.