Throughout the past two decades LightStim has earned a reputation among medical, spa, and wellness professionals as a trusted manufacturer of the highest quality LED technology used for low level light therapy (LLLT) in the world. LightStim’s FDA cleared devices are known for superior performance, owing in part to LightStim MultiWave®️ Patented Technology. This unique technology allows us to deliver distinct multiple wavelengths simultaneously for a more thorough and result driven treatment.

All LightStim devices are designed and manufactured in the USA at our corporate headquarters. In house manufacturing ensures that attention to detail, quality control, and rigorous product testing practices are adhered to in the production of every device.

LightStim’s company philosophy is one of dedication and appreciation. It is our fervent commitment to offer technology that improves outcomes and serves our clients in a way that expresses gratitude for their faith in our company and our products.

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