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Hempfield Botanicals is proud to be a certified B Corporation┬« and certified cruelty-free (through CCIC) company. In all we do, we strive to deliver excellence and give our best to our customers, our team, the community, the environment, and the world. Hempfield Botanicals manufactures their products using sustainable practices in their cGMP-compliant facility. 

Hempfield Botanicals produces natural, full-spectrum and THC-free CBD (cannabidiol) products that help people find relief from pain, anxiety, poor sleep quality, headaches, lack of energy, and more.

Our products contain NO artificial colors, artificial scents, sulfates or parabens, and is gluten and nut free.

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Featured Products

Soothe CBD Face Oil

Calm sensitive and acne-prone skin with this anti-inflammatory cannabidiol (CBD) oil blend.

Muscle Recovery

When mild to moderate pain is keeping you from being as active as you want to be, our Muscle Recovery lotion is here to save the day.

Herbaceous Hemp Body Scrub

Rejuvenate dull, dry skin with this all-natural, herb-infused scrub.