Indulge your skin with Bonblissity’s treats made with natural butters, fine salt, sugar, and richly-scented oils. Transform your spa treatments, one single-use treat at a time. Candy-wrapped scrubs and mini bath bombs mean that customers get a fresh, just-for-them batch of product with every mani and pedi. No more overuse of lotions, salts, and scrubs. No more open jars or sanitation concerns. Our collection combines beauty and smarts in six scents. NEW ITEMS! Moisturizing Waterless Hand Cleansers and Hand Sanitizing Wipes now available.

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Sweet + Single Candy Scrub: A silky blend of natural butters and oils in a sugary, salty scrub. Each is individually wrapped so you can exfoliate and moisturize hands or any small areas on-the-go. For resale or professional use.

Shower Sprinkles Body Scrub: No more messy, oily, separated scrubs in a jar! Just "sprinkle" or scoops out into hands and apply to body and enjoy a spa-worthy experience.

Sanitizers & Cleanser: Made with our unique formulation containing 62% ethyl alcohol with our own blend of sweet almond and avocado oil and other skin conditioning ingredients that leave your hands feeling moisturized, refreshed, and thoroughly clean.