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7E Wellness has taken center stage as a leader in Microcurrent technology and is distributed worldwide.

Our devices utilize patent and FDA cleared high-level advanced Microcurrent technology that are of high quality and have a pristine reputation. 7e Brand is well known for Education and support. Our educational materials are being used by CIDESCO certified schools.

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MyoLift 600 Basics
MyoLift Microcurrent Device Comparison | MyoLift Mini | MyoLift 600 | MyoLift MD

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Myolift MD (Master Device) is an advanced technology that offers 8 unique waveforms and 7 preset protocols. Intensity 800ua.

Myolift 600 is our professional only, FDA cleared device, with 2 unique waveforms with max 600ua Intensity. Portable, Easy to use yet powerful Microcurrent.

Myolift Mini is used by professionals and consumers. Has 2 unique waveforms to lengthen or shorten the muscles using upto 400ua.